The ladies at CleanCreed

Meet  the Clean Crew

Valerie Dillon
Kathy Fielder
Amy Osteen

  Dear Clean Creeders,

These unprecedented times have unraveled the business world – especially for the backbone of our economy, small businesses.

That's why we resolved to Buy Small. We wanted to buy the products we now need from U.S.-owned small businesses instead of from the retail giants and overseas companies.

But Buying Small wasn't as easy as we thought. We spent hours, days, weeks weeding through websites only to find a handful of small, woman-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned businesses highlighted or promoted.

Why? Because small businesses are run by regular people – not by algorithms. Small business products get lost in the big-budget advertisements, complex search algorithms, and worldwide content churned out from the big boys.

When we decided to change that, Clean Creed was born.

Clean Creed helps you find great products from U.S.-based small businesses that align with our CLEAN Core Values – the lens through which we evaluate how we operate and which products we list.

This is our purpose, our way to contribute to society, to live a more meaningful life, and to be of service.