Marcus York Facial Scrub for Men, 4 OZ, All-Natural

Marcus York

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Marcus York Facial Scrub puts the power of micro-exfoliation at your fingertips to clear away dead skin, stimulate circulation, and treat and heal your skin. Use the Marcus York Facial Scrub once or twice a week to assist in the reduction of acne, minimize the appearance of scaring and elimination of under beard flakiness, leaving you with a vibrant, youthful appearance that defies the most common signs of aging.


Jojoba Oil for gentle but efficient exfoliating power 

Soothing Aloe to calm irritated skin

Natural moisturizers and botanical extracts with superior anti-aging/antioxidant properties

Exfoliating beads remove dead skin cells, deep cleans, removes dirt and clears pores


Pump Included


Key Ingredients

Aloe Barbensis Leaf Extract
Aloe has over 200 constituents consisting of Vitamins, Mineral, Amino Acids and Polysaccharides. Excellent moisturizer and helps to calm irritated skin


Jojoba Oil (beads) 
Gentle, mild but effective exfoliation, removes dead skin cells and surface debris


Botanical Extracts
Used for ant-aging and antioxidant qualities


Sodium PCA
Natural moisturizing factors

  • Why It's CLEAN:  
    We love Marcus York because their products are high-quality, made in the USA, they are a 100% cruelty-free operation, and our favorite part is they are proud supporters of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
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